This Week In Cognitive Automation: AI And Supply Chain’s Digital Brain

Pascal Bornet
This Week In Cognitive Automation: AI And Supply Chain’s Digital Brain

AI predicting cloud movements down to the minute, a Braille smartwatch, and more interesting reads.

Day after day, week after week, Intelligent Automation is getting more powerful, supporting clients, patients, employees, companies, and making our world more human. Each week, I’ll share the content I’m reading that celebrates the latest and most significant advancements in these fields.

A new generation of AI-powered robots is taking over warehouses 

Within a few years, any task that previously required hands to perform could be partially or fully automated away.

Five Critical Imperatives for the Future of Cognitive Automation

Building a more equitable and creative society with connected and intelligent technologies requires forethought—and empathy.

How to make AI more ethical

Some worry AI will continue to focus on optimizing profits and social control.

Samsung Speeds AI With Processing in Memory

AI cores in high-bandwidth DRAM doubles performance on some neural nets.

UK aims to boost solar by predicting cloud movements with A.I 

This could help forecast cloud movements in minutes and hours instead of days.

World’s first crewless, zero-emissions cargo ship will set sail in Norway

A Norwegian company has created what it calls the world's first zero-emission, autonomous cargo ship.

Other great cognitive automation reads:

Sensors everywhere! This example is for good: help monitor your health. As an analogy to the Internet of Things (which connected objects with other objects), we call this the Internet of Bodies (which connects your body with objects). A huge potential to improve our world

Extracting complex equations from handwritten notes, pictures or PDFs in seconds.

The World’s First Braille Smartwatch.

Want to listen instead?

Cognitive Automation Is The Brain of Your Supply Chain: Aera CEO Frederic Laluyaux shares his thoughts on cognitive automation and its powerful ability to scale decision-making.

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Pascal Bornet
Chief Data Officer, Aera Technology
November 10, 2021