This Week In Cognitive Automation: AI Ethics Take Center Stage And The Future of Employee Engagement

Pascal Bornet
This Week In Cognitive Automation: AI Ethics Take Center Stage And The Future of Employee Engagement

The White House doubles down on artificial intelligence research, ethics get a closer look and AI is playing a role in child psychology.

Day after day, week after week, Intelligent Automation is getting more powerful, supporting clients, patients, employees, companies, and making our world more human. Each week, I’ll share the content I’m reading that celebrates the latest and most significant advancements in these fields.

White House seeks input on designing a National AI Research Resource

The White House wants public input on how to design a National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR), according to a request for information (RFI).

Everyone in Your Organization Needs to Understand AI Ethics

When most organizations think about AI ethics, they often overlook some of the sources of greatest risk: procurement officers, senior leaders who lack the expertise to vet ethical risk in AI projects, and data scientists and engineers who don’t understand the ethical risks of AI. Fixing this requires both awareness and buy-in on your AI ethics program across the organization.

Five Critical Imperatives for the Future of Cognitive Automation

Building a more equitable and creative society with connected and intelligent technologies requires forethought—and empathy

Building the Future of Employee Experience With Intelligent Automation

What are the challenges facing the world of work today? How does the COVID-19 crisis make these problems even more complex? Here is how Intelligent Automation (IA), the most powerful technology of our time, can help us solve these challenges.

The Effects Of AI On Child Psychology

The evolution of child psychology and technology interactions with technology continue to expand.

Other great cognitive automation reads:

Impressive use of technology in sports to support analysis and commentaries, by Danish TV2 for the Tour de France (2019).

SqUID is the first autonomous warehouse robot with 3-dimensional movement capabilities. 

How do you climb a coconut tree? With a stunning vertical bike.

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The Journey to Cognitive Automation: Aera Technology CEO Frederic Laluyaux leads a panel of experts in a discussion about cognitive automation and the digital transformation.

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Pascal Bornet
Chief Data Officer, Aera Technology
October 6, 2021