This Week In Cognitive Automation: Higher Education, Enterprises and Athletics

Pascal Bornet
This Week In Cognitive Automation: Higher Education, Enterprises and Athletics

MIT, Waterloo, Harvard, Microsoft, and the Olympics are all thriving using artificial intelligence.

Day after day, week after week, Intelligent Automation is getting more powerful, supporting clients, patients, employees, companies, and making our world more human. Each week, I’ll share the content I’m reading that celebrates the latest and most significant advancements in these fields.

Back to School: MIT & UWaterloo Model Gets an ‘A’ on Machine Learning Course Problems

The machine achieved an overall accuracy of 96 percent for open-response questions and 97 percent for multiple-choice questions, bettering the average MIT student score of 93 percent.

Researchers from IBM, MIT and Harvard Announced The Release Of DARPA “Common Sense AI” Dataset Along With Two Machine Learning Models At ICML 2021

This research work is the first of its kind to use psychology to create more fluid and better artificial intelligence systems. It aims to develop machine commonsense that makes sense because it has innate human qualities – such as intuition, common knowledge, or understanding of social cues.

New Toolkit Aims to Help Teams Create Responsible Human-AI Experiences

Microsoft has released the Human-AI eXperience (HAX) Toolkit, a set of practical tools to help teams strategically create and responsibly implement best practices when creating artificial intelligence technologies that interact with people.

How Conversational AI Can Help Digital Transformation Succeed

COVID-19 was the catalyst for change in many organizations. Conversational AI is where the change should begin.

Tokyo Olympics: from wearables to 3D printed shoes and AI-powered coaching, athletes are using technology to aim for gold

Sports technology that monitors technique and apparel to improve performance is an important part of an elite athlete’s preparations.

Other great cognitive automation reads:

This stunning new app leverages Augmented Reality to guide you in the supermarkets.

Detecting available parking spaces in real-time. 

An unusual experiment where 2,000 drones lift a 40 tonne-truck!

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Pascal Bornet
Chief Data Officer, Aera Technology
September 22, 2021