This Week In Cognitive Automation: How To Bring Employees Back To The Office, 3D Printed Homes

Pascal Bornet
This Week In Cognitive Automation: How To Bring Employees Back To The Office, 3D Printed Homes

The top reads this week about intelligent technologies and how they’re changing the present—and the future.

Day after day, week after week, Intelligent Automation is getting more powerful, supporting clients, patients, employees, companies, and making our world more human. Each week, I’ll share the content I’m reading that celebrates the latest and most significant advancements in these fields. 

Habitat 2.0: Training home assistant robots with faster simulation and new benchmarks

A next-generation simulation platform that lets AI researchers teach machines not only to navigate through photo-realistic 3D virtual environments but also to interact with objects just as they would in an actual kitchen, dining room, or other commonly used space.

Building Human-Digital Twins: How The Industrial Sector Can Embrace Intelligent Automation

Creating systems that think, learn and adapt alongside the industrial workforce brings intelligent automation into the warehouse and across the supply chain.

Intelligent Automation or Cognitive Automation - Companies Without are Missing Out

A Fireside Chat with Fred Laluyaux and Pascal Bornet about the vision and impact of intelligent automation.

5 AI startups out to change the world

Deep learning is solving challenging problems in industries as diverse as retail, manufacturing, and agriculture. These companies are leading the way.

Four Best Practices for Successful AI Projects

While nearly all organizations believe artificial intelligence would benefit their operations, very few have implemented it. Here are four best practices that can speed your implementation.

New AI Tool Aims to Analyze and Improve Classroom Discussions

The discussions in grade school math classes aren’t exactly known for being riveting, and U.S. students continue to underperform on math skills relative to the competition. Now, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder are looking to shake that up with a tactical application of artificial intelligence.

How AI can help create more caring company cultures

As organizations begin strategizing how to bring employees back to the office, employers need to not only greet employees at the door with kindness and compassion but build compassion into the heart of their return-to-office plans.

Other great cognitive automation reads:

Trucks can now be driven remotely from hundreds of miles away.

These 3D printed homes are helping tackle homelessness in the US. 

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Pascal Bornet
Chief Data Officer, Aera Technology
September 17, 2021