Top 5 Reasons to Attend Cognitive Automation Summit 2021

Amy Hatch
Top 5 Reasons to Attend Cognitive Automation Summit 2021

Join your peers at the cognitive automation event of the year and learn about real-world AI applications, use cases, and future trends from industry experts and guest speakers.

We’ve all been talking about digital transformation for a long time—in fact, the term began to take hold of our collective imagination way back in 2000. However, how many industries have actually made the shift to this new reality?

With a global pandemic and a rising generation of digitally native consumers and employees, the need for transformational leadership has increased a thousand times over. The pace of this change is accelerating and those who embrace the next normal will be the winners.

In order to meet the challenges of this new world, businesses need to shift from decisions and actions being made and taken by humans, aided by machines, to machines doing that work, guided by humans.

The future of decisions is here, and it is grounded in cognitive automation.

This paradigm shift requires bold leadership and a deep understanding of the intelligent technology needed to achieve it.

The Cognitive Automation Summit 2021 is the virtual event of the year for anyone seeking an immersive dive into how intelligent automation will shape the future of business. Are you ready to learn about cognitive technology, Industry 4.0, machine learning and more?

Our top 5 reasons to attend the Cognitive Automation Summit are:

1. Learn how global organizations have harnessed the power of cognitive automation to survive and thrive in a volatile marketplace.

2. Understand the transformational power of cloud-scale artificial intelligence.

3. Hear from industry leaders and experts, including:

  • Ray Wang, Founder, Constellation Research Inc.
  • Joseph Fuller, Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School
  • Alessandro de Luca, CIO, Merck Health Group
  • Biswaranjan Sen, EVP, Global Beauty & Personal Care, Unilever
  • Fred Laluyaux, CEO, Aera Technology

4. Dig in and learn more during event sessions, including:

  • Cognitive Operating System: The Art of the Possible
  • Forrester: Decision Automation and the Future of Work
  • Enterprise Architecture Reloaded: A CIO’s Blueprint to Cognitive Automation

5. Join like-minded peers who are dedicated to a more sustainable and efficient world, powered by cognitive automation.

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Amy Hatch
Contributor, Cognitive Automation Community
May 13, 2021